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Sports Tours Hellas Team, organizator Cretan Amateurs Cycling Tour, tri dnevne kolesarske dirke, ki naj bi štela tudi kot kvalifikacijska tekam za finale svetovnega prvenstva za amaterje, ki se bo jeseni odvijalo v Ljubljani, je sporočil, da je dirka odpovedana.

Tole so poslali po mailu.

Dear Riders,

We would like to share some news concerning the qualifier event of the Cretan Amateurs Cycling Tour.
almost a month before the holding of the event, we regret to say that we are obliged to cancel the race.
the reason is that there is a very poor turn out, the registration is very poor (so far just 22 riders). so you realize that not only it's not to our profit to hold the event, but also for the prestige of the race we think this is the best solution. you can't realize how difficult, uncomfortable and awkward this is for us. we realize that it creates much inconvenience for you too, but we are really trying to alleviate this inconvenience for you. more specifically,
1. we have been trying, in cooperation with the UCI to grant you with a direct qualification for the World race in Slovenia.
2. for those who have scheduled family holidays in Chania, we are going to organize a training camp of one week duration in Chania (20-27 April) with training tips and training sessions with Mr Levendakis (ex national coach, for 7 years and manager of the Continental team, SP Tableware.
3. the possibility to take part, free of charge, in a cycling circuit race in the city centre on April 27th.
4. anyone wishing, instead of a refund for the registration, to receive the full clothing kit of the UWCT(amount to the registration fee), let us know. all the others, will be refunded.
5. the organisation is willing to return the clear amount after the cancelation, money of the flight ticket (with your personal identification on it, ), providing it was issued until today (20/03/2014), in due course.

we would really appreciate if you realized that this is a difficult but unavoidable decision to take. we really apologize for all the inconvenience caused and we hope we will be able to somehow compensate with all the steps we are taking. we are intending to plan the race for next year, hopefully with better prospects and we hope we haven't lost you as friends.

thank you for your faith
the Sports Tours Hellas Team


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